Sunday, November 13, 2005

Flip da laundry

So this was the last weekend before the return to full time work. I have been working for 4 months but only part-time. In light of this change my head exploded about a half dozen times on various organizational related matters. What about the housecleaning? I don't know what we are having for dinner on Wednesday? Have I written every outstanding thank-you note to date?

Dreck, really.

When I sat down to 'supervise' the miss at lunch yesterday I walked away from 1 sink full of dirty dishes; one half a countertop covered in clean dishes and a rapidly boiling pot of spag sauce. Well at least Wednesday is taken care of.

Huzzy was luckily home at the time so I could focus all my energies on convincing the miss that she would love some yoghurt and a sandwich -- even though all she has eaten for a week is a combination of sausage, kiwi fruit and apples. This went as to be predicted complete with my enjoyment of the nearly the entire repast myself -- who knew I could get fat on BABY food? -- more on that later. I gave in -- ergh, self-possessedly and dismissedly concluded the meal with little to do in the face of the infant after 25 mins. She notheless has an attitude of triumph.

So walked into the kitchen and no huzz, no tidy and spag sauce nearly burnt. AHHHHHHH -- why can't you? You didn't tell me -- ok now you are asking for it. Can you not show some initiative? I ask you NICELY, through my grit beared teeth, can you not just take a look around and figure some of this out without my direction , sometime???

Oh gawd I can tell he is NOT listening to one word. Thank god I AM BIG enuf to rise above it all.

And then today. With a nicer lazy day done and the girl in bed - clothes picked for daycare tommorrow, dishes in the dishwasher, house clean, etc.. What do i find the laundry I planned to get done has been resorted and a load put on by the Papa-man. Do I say something? Well being completely without either judgement or boundaries of course I do. "You flipped the laundry, eh? You know I had hoped to get that laundry done tonight but you .. " Insert rude gesture. I remember my words of yesterday. I can be such a putz.


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