Thursday, November 12, 2009

A better cat

Behold the best designed cat for Canadian girls under six, or anyone really. A better cat could not be made.

Replete with, even, the Colin and Justin oversized boutonnière! The resemblance is uncanny. Il est un dandy!


Monday, November 09, 2009

Cover Ups

So like I'm pretty old, right? So I remember the "fall of communism". I remember 1989 crystal clear. 20 years old it was one of the best years. I was newly independent, trashed with the two jobs I held and in my third year of a degree program I loved. So lucky, and happy, hopeful. I could do things and I loved that a lot.

I remember when The Wall fell.

What I remember is the celebration of it the following summer. That July and August my summer in the UK. An archaeological dig and new friends to pass the time. Lucky ever more. The dig program began with many having come from the celebration concert in Berlin backpacks weighty from the pieces of graffiti'ed concrete. The Wall undone.

In only three weeks this end would prove itself nothing but an intercession. I stood at the Tie Rack in Victoria Station behind three ladies in their burquas. Their credit cards declined. Arguing most vigorously as, apparently, Kuwaiti ladies in burquas do when they can't expeditiously secure a new scarf due to a turn in the tide of world politics. There was no end. Kuwait had been 'invaded' and the red menace had been replaced with a fresh foe.

All this revelry is depressing the hell out of me. It seems like all it took was those four weeks in the summer of 1990 to unearth interminable strife that will stay with my children into their twenties. Lame, civilization. Lame.

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Social Networking

The thing about social networking is that ... women are so conversational. The old librarian data to knowledge pyramid didn't have a strata for gossip so I'm lost.

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