Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's get small

I have tried twitter. It's tiring. But as fall approaches I wonder how many bloggers will be coming back to blogger. Twitter is certainly buzzing but I'm glad for blogs. Even if I haven't had the energy to write a real post for over a month.

Those things happen.

The most valuable thing I have taken from twittering is the 'nano' of everything now. It is reassuring that things are gonna 'get small'. You know I'm a Steve Martin fan so that's good. As a librarian I spent so much time recently trying to help people survive an overnight in a chilly sea of information without a survival suit. Didn't we all get bit by 22 apps last year at work? I look forward to a new outlook where all I have to do is get them to grocery store or the bank or where they are actually going. Obsessing about how we could go anywhere now that was tiring.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sure do

Some days their vulnerabilities sure press to make us better people than we are.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I like traffic lights

We went on our annual summer trip 6 hours away to MIL-land. It was fun. There was a lot of lake time and ponies to feed. We drove.

The blithe road trip is such a great Canadian fixture I can barely confess the transformation I have undergone to be in this place of hating it. We drove up the night before our first holiday to avoid the traffic. The road trip is torture for me. I used to get right into the high speeds, junk food, rest stops and 'sense of freedom'.

Now it is all sense of dread. The recognition that this trip is the most dangerous thing we do with our family. Testing the odds and driving holiday weekends when everyone is crazy, kids hot and yappy, 'pushing it' and, yesterday, rubbernecking at a roadside forest fire!

1km on, a sight out of my minds eye, a family vehicle flipped. I understand a 9 year old boy was thrown clear. There but for the grace of god...

I traveled a lot by car as a child. My dad was always the one helping some guy out of a drift in Wells Grey Park in the pitch dark of nighttime December. I know of a dozen gas stations that sell headlamps for early 80's Caprice Classics. I sigh knowingly at overheats, poor devils. It used to be all good. Go see Granny.

I hope I can get there again with a decent measure of careful on the side. In the meanwhile I am grateful my husband is as good a driver as he is. That he shares the driving to be smart.

I'll tell you I am so enjoying people cutting in front of me at 40km/hr. Cross-town traffic never looked so good!

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