Thursday, July 14, 2011


I seem to keep saying. I just don't know what is happening with work. I work. Full-time, Monday to Friday, but it seems be dwindling. I work in education so many, many, many of the librarians I know there would NOT have Monday to Friday jobs. We just don't allocate time that way based on our schools, at all.

But everywhere I am seeing it. Jobs downsizing. I would like to change my job but I have serious fears that if I do it will just be subsumed. I have seen this friends go on mat leave and when they come back no job, as if their contributions did not matter. Others choose to take reduced hours -- say between -- two mat leaves... then when the time comes, maybe you want to buy a house there is no full time work to help you afford it.

Are we feeling it? Is the economy gonna nibble away at every job, including the ones we work around as Moms. When we are ready to return full time will there be such a thing?

I have lots of people who tell me how much they love being part time or how they will never work full time but this baffles me. Am I an alien that I expect employers to offer a solid basis of full time positions for people in their operations? I hate when people act like full time is TOO MUCH. It isn't for me (well it is really) and it shouldn't be for anyone. If it is there is something kind outta whack with 'work' there?? I mean I feel grateful I don't work two jobs or 14 hours like many immigrant families. Basic full time being eroded is something to think about. What is the future?

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