Thursday, December 29, 2011


It has been a long while since i posted and I smirk what I posted on last.

Our family has had a very hectic few months for sure. Our second child had his first day of school, I went back to teaching at the university on top of a full time job, changed that full time job, p-man out to extend himself, grandparents newly solo.. things here and there. I might write of those things another night.

Really it has been this while since I have been off cavorting around you my friends. Tossing my words about in other 'spheres' as we like to say. Testing the ideas of identity, brand, conversation and so on that began here. Wondering how I can tend it's end now. If that's what's in order. I am out and about on work blogs, and tri-twitter feeds shy to gather the threads or at times writing myself some bigger, more self conscious story of how I really have 'good' reasons to plug up the channels between.

Funny that in light of the name.

It was the descent into family that was the ink in my print. Why has the run out has broken that chat rather than brought it out? Honestly it is that you do feel inhibited. First by the simple math of the life, writing soooooo much by day anyway. Fun though it may not have been. Then there was the cross over and the uncertainty of ever exposing my family to my other sphere there... and exposing what that is/was to what troubled me too much.. why trouble you...

Well anyway, was off, yes. Am back. yes. Will drop in some of the thoughtful on life after schoolwork, on my soc. media diet for 2012 but also leverage the support here whilst we crash from our overindulgence in bacon this holiday season, the What about Santa? fodder of family blog, the state of the cats and so on... Maybe a book or two...

Will give it a go.