Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sushi Rice and Shelled Peas with a side, er aside

A quick update on the large orange noodle-eating cat.

I have discovered, of late, further feline dietary supplements. (I know, as I veer off onto some kind of parenthetical byway, off course from the post, rapidly becoming lost on this disused and deservedly neglected avenue, that this is not a CAT BLOG, wherein the human author undertakes any number of clever conceits, such as pretending to communicate in the voice of the cat, who of course makes numerous wry observations about its humans, or to speak as to the state of mind of the cat, which is as futile as trying to describe god, or better yet, to maintain the blog for the purpose of displaying numerous photos of the cat or cats in a variety of costumes into which the cat did not place itself, but which would appear to the uninitiated to be a somewhat unusual expression of the human desire to anthropomorphise our surroundings, nonetheless, it has been a slow day here with the baby e, who is a healthy, happy [in spite of her father's disposition], and sociable [again] little girl who met her three girl cousins from Calgary and had a magnificent time playing and whatever it is these little humans do, while the parents nibbled their way through the Turkey of the Gobi and a wild mushroom gravy more suitable for asphalt repair than eating, while trying not to engage the Catholic at the table in a rather menacing debate about how multiculturalism has no place at Christmas because it is Christmas damnit and not "Holiday" and so on while we looked away as if from the untreated psych patient asking for coin on the Skytrain which is a really bad name for an elevated train if you ask me, it should have been Battlestar Transit Authority Train X-2, but no, it is Skytrain with a side of Terry Jacks and the Strawberry Alarm Clock which is the gayest name ever, not to say gay is anything but happy, no, because it is happy, but rather to tie in with the earlier-mentioned, eye-averting dinner table conversation subject, and to observe I read in Atlantic that Christian is the new gay in Hollywood, so nibble on that one, o moral majority, while we choke down a stuffing so dry it could be used to soak up oil spills in the North Sea, but which HAS NO APPRECIABLE EFFECT ON THE GRAVY and the cat, well the cat has taken to eating something other than the horrible dry lumps we feed him and the comestible and non-comestible items mentioned some time ago.) These are: green peas (shelled), sticky rice, gift wrapping, and pasta (any kind).

In any event, we hope you are having, or have had, a wonderful (non- or) denominational event (or non-event, if you prefer just don't raise the subject at the table).

P-man out


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