Friday, December 16, 2005


I have never made a secret of the fact my FAVorite part of your growth is your language development. I knew that one day you'd begin walking but it seemed to me not as exciting. Walking, god willing, you will have from that day forward. I feel you can spend your lifetime learning to say new things.

When you were barely out of your newborn yelling stage you started telling us bedtime stories. You began to desire our full attention at bedtime and instead of wailing, you gurgled, growled and sang out your thoughts on how your day went. Not long after you started to tell me about the zuzu's and the lola's at the, then pleasant, diaper changes. I hung on every word.

Following that you perfected your greetings to all the pleasant folks. Speaking out about your enthusiasm at the sight of daddy or baba with your voice and body. I remember my surprise when we were working on the laundry and you got a good hold of that blue shirt and combined both the idea of boo behind the shirt with the idea of ownership, clearly telling me dada.

You know it's pretty annoying. It has been a year yet boo is still the #1 game. I mean, get some new material, would ya baby girl?

For a while after you were so intent on standing and crawling that you seemed to lose your voice. I was distraught, and a little lonely. I called it 'the quiet period'. Not one of my faves. After that you would drench your clothing quite regularly with triumphant spittle-laden declarations of your new found skills. Look at me I'm standing! Hey, I can bounce! Screech screech screech. We coined your authentic Indian name, Eleanor-Ten-Eagles.

I am proud that your are a good communicator. I love to hear you, not just learning the words of your favorite books, but now beginning to sing them out in their traditional tunes. Old MacDonald NEVER sounded so good. My short list of best utterances still are, caw, bum, zip and hooonney. So you say honey because I use it for you. But then this last month you started saying money and... what the ech is up with that???


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