Friday, December 02, 2005

Truth is out there

While baby e puts in an extra hour at daycare today her parental units did some work with a relationshipologist. You know a counsellor, shrink, ANALYST. Yeah that's what we need, papa-man, an analyst. I believe I put the task out as "we are failing to sustain an adequate range of communication strategies in response to the challenges our newfound life is offering us."

So when is this guy going to tell me if I should move or renovate my house? Should I quite my job or take 2yr leave? And, where's that new daycare I need. This guy is useless. Should have known. It was some other guy who got me in all this trouble in the first place.

NEWSFLASH: Just read on the bosh Britney is seeing a psychic thank god the truth is out there. Come on Madam Vasso


Blogger L. said...

I like the name "mo-wo" because it`s fun to say out loud, and sounds as if you`re complaining about more troubles (e.g., "Mo` woe!")

My shrink in Tokyo fired me. She said, "You seem to know what your problems are, and you seem to be taking steps to face them. I don`t think you need to see me regularly anymore." Maybe what she wanted to say was, "I raised my hourly rate and you were grandfathered in at the old rate, but I really want to give your regular time slot to someone paying my new, higher rate."

11:33 a.m.  

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