Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Social Engineering: Exercise 1

I have had my little brushes with social engineering as a parent. Playdates gone bad, pre-school selection, cautionary tales, I've seen my share, and now this. We have heard back on school. The community school looked good... but... we have also been offered a spot at the French Immersion school.

Shit. I'm in charge again. Unhelpful fates.

The buck needs stopping and I'm riddled with holes. Elitist? Nicer class sizes? Close-by? Better after-school care? Pros and cons are pointless and aimless. Gonna have to decide.

About all I've learned in this fretting is what school is not. I probably began worrying what kids we would be sending her to learn with, and what teachers might be like -- cause yes I am a self-serving bitch. The stress of making a perfect choice of a place where she will be safe was my off-base pre-occupation. School is not custodial. Daycare is custodial but school ain't. At daycare there are 25 kids and 3 to 4 'teachers'. At school there are 18 to 21 kids and 1 teacher. In the school library she will chose books I will never see. She will build friendships that will annoy us; but what of it? She will be ever, even, more her own.

School is independence and I need to find the best place for my kid to be independent. The best place will be where I am sure I will support her well when she has troubles. And, there will be trouble sometimes. It is the path to independence after all and those usually have wars. I mean we can't all be Malta! I need to find a piece of schooling, that microcosm of society, that offers happiness, community and a rich learning environment AND THEN WE HAVE TO SUPPLEMENT THAT.

It is tough choosing a school. (Especially, she whinges on, after a year when I feel I have had to make too many major choice too often.) It seems so surely life-changing. But it isn't, is it?

ps. I have noticed that choosing a school is a lot like having a newborn baby. If you haven't been here already just wait for it... Oh the assvice! harsh.

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Blogger Mad said...

Alls I can say is I'm grateful for the catchment that has stripped me of all choice.

6:38 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have choice? CHOICE? My small town brain can. not. comprehend...AAAAAH!

10:24 p.m.  

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