Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Be it resolved...

What a windfall we got this Christmas... Quite simply put our daughter got the best Christmas present ever!

Through some rather tortuous twists of fate my dear cousin trouped out from the prairie for Christmas this year. This is unheard of. The delight of all this is that our girl had three energetic-baby-loving-girl cousins to play with her for the entirety of Christmas dinner, etc. I have NEVER heard so much laughing.

Before setting to write this I would have said I could not remember if I was a part of so much laughing when I was the smallest of my clutch of 6 silly cousins many many years ago. But of course I can remember it. I do know the holiday nostalgia for those days when we all goofed up every family event. I guess I can recall how unlike other kids I know who were devoid of these unique relations I actually liked it when our family got together, all what 22 of us? Yep we were a crowd once you factored in the spinster aunts, in-law childless great-uncles/aunties, etc. etc.

I was so glad for our girl to have this gift for Christmas I could not have imagined anything more wonderful.

And, it puts a good helping of gratitude into the twist of fate that will have her share her next Christmas with a little brother or sister, too. Seems a nice juncture to put my fears of this development aside and face the new year with a very special new year's resolution.


Blogger Andrea said...

the cousins were always the best part of my christmases, they still are.

7:37 p.m.  

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