Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Productivity Depression Over

My brother is the best brother, really. He never gets mad at me. He comes to my house every other Christmas and helps make the finest roast turkeys. He hates cheapskates! And, he's smart. I have been pretty stressed about lots of things for a while. I believe, now, that I had been in a productivity depression. My brother gave me some excellent treatment for that, on top of his own freakish tone of calm intelligence, he got me some time to chat with Merlin Mann.

I watched this last week and you know if you are anything like me.. how's your inbox? Do you have a clear productivity construct to work within in a world that expects you to collaborate with 5 million people everyday? Do you feel the creativity but don't see it enough? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you gotta know Merlin. Do you know Merlin?? If not maybe you should see this? It's a bit of a commitment but it is worth it. (For a Merlin tasting try 5ives)

And how awesome is it that I got a chat with Merlin for Christmas from my brother. What might you say or ask?

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