Friday, March 17, 2006

So Here We Go...

E has a large furry snake in her room. (E does not stand for 'Eve', incidentally.) She wanted to sleep with her snake last night. I said "Nooo" to that. I am not and have not been obsessed about crib safety, I used blankets with her when she was less than 6 months, but even I draw a line here.

Mama: Honey, you are lucky Daddy and I even let you play with snakes at all, let alone sleep with one.

The Girl: WAAHHHH!

Mama: Snakes are too dangerous to have in bed all night. Here, give tiger a hug. He's dangerous enough isn't he?

The Girl: Danger, danger... Bye-bye, Mommy.

So here we go... Drummers. Depps. Depardieus... P-man is purchasing a wife-beater-twelve gauge (Hemingway model) at a box storte in Blaine as I type.


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