Sunday, March 05, 2006

Being There

While bemoaning my mental state recently; it was quite appropriately pointed out to me that I am .. Afraid to lose my grip on what seems a somewhat well ordered life. (Yeah, that L. can read me like a book). So in my defense, how well ordered is it, really? I give you the option to check it out in this recap from a Mo-Wo Family Sunday. I know that the daily recap is usually a snappy posting style when employed by better bloggers than I ... I do not promise that rarified product but I will employ that style in my post today.

6:20 Baby wakes up having stayed up late again. Must remain motionless. Punch p-man to ensure stillness. She needs to 'sleep-in'.

6:45 Resume movement in response to clear statements over the monitor. Maaamieee, Maahhhmmy. Daddy-Daddy. Note, to self, she is a BABY they do not 'sleep in'.

Go to room, find happy baby. P-man provides delicious coffee for mother and fruit for child. Child feeds untold number of Cheerios to cats. Quoting D-man of other blog fame, hee goe, hilarious. This should lead to good day. Commence pancake making as this is Sunday; make double batch because I am so damn productive and efficient as a wife, mother and all-around homemaker!

7:45 Ask myself why we don't have more parental unit-type friends over for our weekly pancake breakfast. Remind self, it is 7:45 AM! Swap p-man kitchen chores for diaper change. I AM an IDIOT. Still, baby wishes to be rid of the stinky, and behaves well. Should continue progress towards good day.

8:00 Family commences breakfast. Child eats two pancakes. This is not good enough. Survey in the mind the number and quality of sources consulted in recent memory that state: Most bad behaviour on the part of children is caused by hunger or tiredness. I am 0 for 2. Please note the time.

Countdown to p-man departure for Sunday morning personal time. Less than 90 minutes.

8:30 Proceed to directly tidy up while preparing food and immediately after, somewhat while eating; because, though a mother of questionable quality I remain a supportive wife and self-sufficient homemaker. "P-man, please go get the laundry completed yesterday we can share this task and set a good example for our daughter before you go." "Thank you, this is a delicious, if awfully cold three-quarters cup of coffee you prepared, thank-you darling."

9:40 "Wave bye-bye to Daddy".. "Daddy, bye-bye. Bye-bye, Daddy-daddy" Mother prepares snack to supplement downsized breakfast meal and to pack as normal treats while at the park. Look e., delicious grapes and mangoes, oh, you drink your milk? Good girl, very good girl. Thank you honey... What is that smell. Uh-oh Mango Assi! Come come Mommy get rid of the stinky and then we'll go to the park.

10 AM OK I am almost dress---Ah look Miss Fancy, it is the Princess (favorite neighbourhood dog)! Let's hurry don't you want to see the princess? World War III ensues over selection of outwear. You will wear this suit! Let's goooooooo... Princezzzzz! We made it. I regain composure once fresh air hits me. Rain helps too. Let's go puddle hunting! Excellent overall trip to park, good snack. Quality interfaces with 3 dogs. Didn't see favorite running neighbour but ah well.

11 AM Back home, very wet and screaming about coldness of hands. Not happy during handwashing. Revert to testiness once dry household air hits me. Normally this would be naptime. Well actually not normally... but in the past, during the days when I was queen of the 'schedule' -- such as it was. Before weaning and full time daycare and all the rest of it. Still I will try to stick to my routine. Once again, I AM an IDIOT. Recent success rate on this has been 1 in 5.

Child refuses cuddle, but does say nap. Child takes blanket says thanks and then remains in bed for 1 hour playing with doll and various other companions happily. I lie in my bed with some weeping over my hurt feelings in the face of a properly- developing independent child. I contemplate the household chores that should be done. At times I try to start working on the pile of work I have brought home to resent for the weekend. I look at rainy day, desiring nothing but pot of tea, a bath and the freedom to read. Who am I kidding?

11:45 Chatter slows over the monitor. Maybe I am wrong, maybe she will sleep? No I am dumb, but not wrong.

12:05 Serve lunch of cold chicken, cauliflower and couscous. Did you know couscous is a good source of iron? Stare at coffee cup, I am now between 60 and 90 minutes overdue for requisite 2nd cup of coffee. Where is p-man?

12:15 P-man returns home. Short scrum over undone housework and work-work. Strategizing about relocating nap time. Implications for early bedtime and other disappointments. We give her 45 minutes post lunch. Coffee provided. I really should not complain. Family quality time and play for 45 minutes, followed by eye rubbing and clearly tired baby.

1 PM Child gives kisses asks for pillow and goes to bed. Napping with little fuss in 20 minutes. Textbook! I am a fool and idiot this kid is so good. I really should get it together, what do I expect? (Uhm, honestly? I really do need a shower.) For now I am drinking the coffee while it is still hot. mmmmmmm.

1:30 Doing on-line shopping for organic produce and good quality toaster waffles. Must get up.. must wash floors and toilet. Put the computer down! You have plenty of time, you will sit down when it is over. Get a move on mo-wo!

P-man and I agreed to allow the child to sleep only 1 hour until 2:30 and preserve early bedtime. Time is running out. MOVE it!

2 PM Begin household chores. Add 2 or 3 tasks with each room. I do not buy in to the waking baby plan. Waffles, waffles, everywhere! Complete washing up duties and review leftovers algorithm for the day and week. Not enough food in the house. Direct p-man in preparation of super, easy, something-out-of-nothing curry dinner, estimated time for preparation 20 min, 30 mins to simmer. I am a genius!

2:30 No one wants to wake child. Work persists. We are productive and efficient homemakers who will regret our lack of forethougtht.

3 PM Child still sleeping. I ask, "What about her snack?" P-man has ingredients everywhere but for DINNER not snack; this man knows NOTHING about sequencing. Should I make a snack? Response seems to be affirmative, despite my complete lack of personal time on the day and my already taking of numerous turns at preparing meals. Listen, I will have my shower and then I'll do it. Do you think we should open her door?, he asks. What? I think it is clear we are late for our plan by almost an hour but I AM going to have a shower. Use your head, man.

3:30 Bicker with p-man over snack plans. Dinner delays. Lack of work-work done, etc. Open child's door. See hands behind head some sort of latter-day Vinnie Barbarino in the bed, sees me and smirks somewhat sleepily. I am so lucky. See, afternoon naps are ok. What am I afraid of... change of course!

Offer child barely nutritious snack of cookies and kiwi fruit which, despite what I think, does NOT qualify as a green vegetable. Head says we should take child out in what is now nice sunny afternoon, light. Cladding in flannel pants and slippers discourages this urge. What will we do -- oops what is that smell? Daddy-daddy, when is dinner ready precisely?

4:30 Serve delicious curry dinner, only slightly scorched by the most under-appreciated father in the house, with iron-rich couscous, cucumbers and yoghurt. Child struggles to eat this top quality dinner offering. Father swiftly offers noodle and cheese substitute. Mother bites tongue to 3 bite-sized morsels.

By 5PM Dinner is complete. Actually pretty good with some ingestion of couscous-yum and a good portion of yoghurt drink. But, now what? Selfish, let-baby-sleep-late, showering-mommy with flannel pants on has got not much to offer 11 hours after baby-wake up, obviously.

6PM Feed cats. Child loves this, see above. Short interlude with the drumkit then baby takes over iTunes console. Replaces Love Shack selection, former top 10, with Outta Sight Outta Mind. Return to anteterranean floor of the abode to read Clever Katya, play blocks and find the cookies hidden in the puzzle.

6:30 Reading 10 minutes to bedtime, child declares at 8 minutes, Bathtime! Well, ok? Daddy let's go; early bedtime back on! Hustle, hustle.

Bath good. PJs with only a modicum of complaint. 7:30 out cold. We are not worthy.


Blogger Granny said...

When the three stairsteps were little, I had one rule. Never waken a sleeping child. Especially a sleeping Rebecca.

Doesn't mean I was right but it saved my sanity. Those three were almost like having triplets.

4:09 p.m.  
Blogger L. said...

Granny, I don`t know how you did it.

On the other hand, Mo-wo, I KNOW how YOU do it. Don`t worry -- you will be FINE. Something kicks in, along with the postpartum hormones. Our bodies produce survival juice or something.

(I forgot to shower yesterday -- not "decided not to take one," just simply "forgot." And my kids are all older. I am on the slippery slope...)

11:29 a.m.  
Anonymous MetroDad said...

Please advise what precisely is involved in this concept of p-man's Sunday morning personal time. He has 3 hours of time for himself every Sunday? My mind is abuzz with anticipation and wonder. Surely, he cannot be a golfer. Never has one who wielded the iron stick been such a crafty writer? What else? Could he be one of those jogger people? Please say no!

2:06 p.m.  
Anonymous p-man said...


8:56 a.m.  

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