Monday, February 20, 2006

Something whiny this way comes

So it has been 10 days of rationalizing; but, now I am simply beat. A new level of whining has been achieved by the toddler . P-man and I are internalizing the entire contents of Children : the Challenge as quickly as we can, which is not quickly enough.

I think we might have to get used to all these toddler goals, even when she is too small to pull off her plans. We're going to have to deal with communications we don't understand. We are going to have to refresh those negotiation skills we usually shelve once we hit our front stoop at the end of a work day. There seems a good chance there will be a lot more yelling in our future than has been in our past. Unbelievable.

Can anyone tell me what "No, Mine!" means, when repeated 20 times in a day, and possibly related to every manner of object. Barry the bear, well yes. Her hand when she doesn't want to climb in the park, ok. A piece of paper. That plant over there. The room... Wha' tha???


Blogger Mary P. said...

My bet: It's about control and autonomy. She is not you, she is herself. The world is me and not-me; mine and not-mine. The more of it's that's "mine", the better. Obviously.

8:03 a.m.  

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