Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who Can Possibly Enjoy 100 Albums At Once?

The gauntlet has been dropped by me on this gentleman or by he on me. (I am uncertain who started it and as with any outbreak of hostilities I will play the role of the innocent naif who was so shocked to discover that this blogging icon owned, had owned, enjoyed, or had enjoyed a record made by Cinderella and was willing to talk about it that I saw red, ate over 6 dozen Twinkies, and put the P on him. It is a Twinkie-self-defence defence people. Cinderella. Fuck me. I will take the first shot here but I am citing Chapter 7.)

Somehow I am supposed to think (because I am self-indulgent) of 100 albums (because my taste matters, or you will learn something about me, encoded in my pattern of music consumption and appreciation), which I own (because I am a materialist), that belong on this list without any artist-duplication (because my tastes are diverse, wide-ranging, capital E-clectic). Here are the parameters if you care.

My solution to the quantity problem is to identify albums I used to like quite a bit, or once liked enough to purchase, but now despise. These shall comprise the early entries.

100. WALL OF VOODOO Call of the West (1982)

What was I thinking?

99. STEVE HILLAGE Fish Rising (1975)

What was I thinking? In my defence, I was very very high for a very long time. Perhaps I purchased this record during that period.


Wow, this music is really different... atmospheric... different... shitty!


Of all the flatulent albums these wankers produced (numerous of which I own, sadly) (and I assure the uninitiated, there are many windy passages in the ELP catalogue) this one really sucks. And blows. Maybe the triple-LP live set is worse in terms of volume but the badness on this one is more dense.

96. GRATEFUL DEAD Europe 72 (hmmm, maybe 1972?)

(Speaking of horrible and bloated 3-LP live albums by 70's dinosaurs...) The argument I can remember which applies to this album purchase (and of Aoxomoxoa, Terrapin Station, & c.) and the various trips to the US to see these fossils in action (inaction?) is referred to at #99, above. The running joke, of course, being the audience member's response to the act once the acid wears off: This band sucks! My member had that response. (That doesn't sound right.)

I am warming to the subject of album purchases I now regret. I will have more on this subject soon, presuming Mo doesn't go into labour shortly, and I have the time to locate all of the LPs in the basement which are presently used for... let's see... they have no use. They are crap!

P-man out.


Anonymous CroutonBoy said...

Wow, we're already off to an interesting start. And Tarkus makes an appearance! My favorite album cover beast not named Eddie!

I think you and I are going to throw-down before this is over, but I warm to the idea. Who knows, I may end up buying that Steve Hillage album. Do I need to get high first?

2:16 p.m.  
Anonymous Mr. Big Dubya said... am completely at a loss for words here. Whatever you were smokin' back in the day, I wish I were around to share it with you. You have left me wondering tho' - will Philip Glass be making an appearance?

5:02 a.m.  

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