Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mother-Woman goes Big Daddy

A drive with me is likely a long outpouring (downpouring) of rabble for p-man. Despite my self-declared status as the iron man of childbearing and care, it gets to me sometimes. Here's how.

Recently, I have been accused of being something like the Tasmanian Devil or General Patton. Corralling the the two kids involves precision timing, flexibility, and well, a considerable amount of yelling. My time with youngins' now outweighs my time with adults. And the adults are really pissing me off. I have turned into Big Daddy .. Oh God, not that big daddy the big daddy

I am more than eager to make hay in the time I have with the adults. I ramble on at high speed when in their company; soaking them in either my trademark breezy banter or some grave parenting issue for the day (potty training, sibling rivalry, breastfeeding, etc). And, what do they give me..?


I am disgusted with it... Mendacity. I could write a book on it...Mendacity. Look at all the lies that we got to put up with. Pretenses. Hypocrisy. Now why can't ya live with it? You've got to live with it. There's nothin' to live with but mendacity. Is there?

Over the little stuff you guys give me lies.. Please! Stop it... Give me a break. The entirety of my conversations are a long the lines of vacuous consolation. Give me a break. Stop droppin' me a line.. who do you think I am Sienna Miller??

You won't be home at 5:30. That casserole was not any good. The toddler is mad about sibling. My house is not clean 'enough'. The cats ARE fat. It is not all fine. She did poop on the floor. He did poop in my lap. I don't have enough money for a new house. He does need his own room!

Dismiss me one more time at your peril. Frick, I so need some women over here for a drink so I can stop spending all my free moments no one but my children's 'helpful' grandparents, oh yes and on the internet.

Now ain't that hypocrisy.

ps.. Thanks everyone for your messages last week, meant a lot.


Blogger L. said...

You`re sounding a lot like P-man.

Are you all right?

Get some sleep!!!!

10:02 p.m.  
Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...

Wow! sound like me!

At least you still get the polite 'lies'.....that will wear off and you will be left with the "subtle" comments about your yelling, the mess, what the kids are wearing and so on.


with no thought to are losing your mind and that should be respected.

Do you want to get together soon??

Come over here and then you will feel better about your own sit when you come home!!!

8:49 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with CC.. come over and see the mess that *I* live in, and you'll feel better about your place. Also, my cat is thin, cause I never get around to feeding it, so if yours is fat, revel in a job accomplished (note that I didn't say "well done").

2:03 p.m.  

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