Friday, October 19, 2007

Help I'm a rock.

My children are 3 and 1. Likely the highlight of their day for today was Stomp's guest appearance on Mr Rogers. They are all about pushing boundaries, namely the boundaries of climbing, yelling, shoving and various other feats of strength.

So how thrilled was I that my MIL thought the perfect gift for my daughter's birthday last month was... wait for it... a rock? Albeit a cute painted like a ladybug rock from Greece; but still a rock. Toss another item on the pile for mama to reintroduce at a later date. Enjoy the closet, rock.

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Blogger nonlineargirl said...

It could be worse - it could have been a rock that makes loud electronic noises when grabbed.

Or say, a puzzle that makes loud vehicle noises when the pieces are put back into their slots. Or a doll that sings when you squeeze her. Squeeze harder and she sings louder. Theoretically speaking, of course.

1:47 p.m.  
Blogger p-man said...

I'm all in favour of any post which is named after a Zappa tune.

3:35 p.m.  
Blogger kittenpie said...

A rock. Oh, that's good. Mine recently gave me a fauz sheepskin snowsuit for size 2. Um, mom?

3:17 p.m.  
Blogger mamakie said...

Rocks are a favorite here at our house. A trait passed down by my mother who is rock-mad. My daughter (being a miniature version of my mother) has all kids of rocks in her room, pockets, coats, etc. In fact when trying to decide what to bring her back from our recent trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, we brought her a little bag of polished coloured rocks!

9:11 p.m.  

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