Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Umm... I'm Sorry?

Poor Elliott Ness, erm, Spitzer. Some say that behind that massive jaw, those beady eyes, and Julian forehead there lies a ho-loving hypocrite who may have spent public funds to "meet" with "models." Now he has had to resign or be subject to impeachment proceedings. He has given up the gubernatorial seat to his second-in-command who, with any luck, has a history of molesting livestock. More public humiliation on the public's dime!

With all the electionating going on south of the border this is a season of announcements and pronouncements. I hope it is also a season of accountability. Not the dispassionate sort which I ought properly crave, but the blind retribution doled ought by the self-interested types in the paid media. With any luck the people who reach for positions of power shall have their gnarled and furry little mitts smacked down courtesy of some past indiscretion. Or present. I don't care. If you present yourself as some kind of action hero you'd better have a life somewhat consistent with your image, or you deserve a good kick in the nuts.

There is no shortage of examples, delicious examples, of the pride before the fall. Be it an anti-gay preacher, high on meth, swapping semen with some hustler, or some other example which eludes me at the moment. Mmm, like a presidential candidate, or president (no link necessary), or preacher, who has a malfunctioning trouser fly. Like that.

I am pleased to announce I have not been involved in any car accidents since Saturday. A day at a time... Associated with the regular level of embarrassment of being the negligent party in this auto-auto accident is the humiliation of once being (or at least thinking I was) a good driver. Fast. Efficient. Safe under any influence. So here I am, free of influence for a number of years, driving around the lower mainland like Hotrod. Talk about taking flight on one's own petard. Embarrassment plus, with wings!

Of course, any shame I feel on account of my own errors in judgment (of distance) pales in comparison to that of Mr. Spitzer. I'm not saying this married man was having the odd poke with really expensive hookers while living the life of Elliott Ness. I don't know what the facts are. I was not in the room. But assuming, just for the sake of argument, that this crime fighting dude of long standing was out there fucking in contravention of penal and marital standards, maybe using public cash to pay for his indiscreet liaisons, it may take more than a "some time" to regain the trust of his family. Or the public to whom he presented himself in a certain way. Natch.

I don't know how I would feel about having our premier run afoul of someone's criminal code. Amused? We all have our weaknesses. For some it is parallel parking in front of their houses. For others, it is "meeting" prostitutes in hotel rooms. Let's be fair to Mr. Spitzer: he was probably there to tell that girl she needed to be saved, that she'd been led astray by bad men... and he was bad. Very bad... (This furore would, of course, never happen in France. The indignity there would be paying for "meeting" with "models".)

This is not to say I am entirely without sympathy for this man. Although he has brought this reckoning upon himself he is still largely human and therefore weak and deserving of compassion. He is also, I now suspect, kind of stupid. He could have had any number of unusual desires and he could have, should have, kept them at home but he chose to take his kink out of doors and engage in what remains an illegal activity.

p-man out.



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