Thursday, September 25, 2008

In our own filth

For a week or two I have been turning over the big news that we are all wallowing in our own filth. I mean not you personally. But me? Maybe.

I mean I eat deli meat and have plastic drink bottles. I have melamine products in my home. I live in a cesspool of pollution and, it has become increasingly clear to me, disease. It has become a hyper-environment for us. To date I was sort of wary of certain toys and we tend to buy organics. But now I bark at the sight of even a moment of teeth to toy contact. "Don't put that in your mouth! It's dangerous" I shout. And, I mean it. Material culture, sucks baby!

Years of coy distance from the measurements of choking hazards yet now I'm choking in a new way.

Don't get me wrong. Don't think I can't hide my head in the sands of triple-think on this one. Sure I can frame fear-mongering around it all to make myself feel better most days. I can blame the MEDIA! Compulsive demonization of China by the west. Blame the fear and feel it all at the same time. I'm all tingly.

There is part of me remembering that long gone chit chat with my cousin's husband on a dark Alberta highway. Mr. MBA-Exec working for a Waste Management Corp declared the 21st century would be about managing the world's garbage. Finding new uses, disposal, and only lastly reduction of waste products from the lifestyles of the new millennium. Was he right? I look with suspicion at every scrubbing bead in a new face wash, hell I look at face wash. What byproduct of manufacturing is being re-purposed into a useless new luxury. I look at the hairy legs on the 6 year old girls, moustaches on the little boys???? Wondering about the hormone food chain. This week I cried and worried over baby formula. A new dead old lady fed super-centralized smoked pastrami by a twice-contracted out hospital food service centre stretched my deli meat fast to its fourth week.

I am having to question our family dependence on these SYSTEMS. I have always erred on the side of caution but this week... It's like HOLY HELL. This crap is everywhere. I must hurry the family to a field and construct a new wattle and daub domicile! We didn't grow enough beans this summer!! Food wrap is an agent of the devil!!!

1.) All mother-womanly, let me ask how you the hell do I end up being the responsible for this? and 2.) Can you pass me some fresh yurt?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fear-mongering is taking YEARS off of my life. If the melamine won't kill me, the guilt will.

I'm almost at the end of my 7-week listeria hysteria watch-fest. And though I've blamed every stomach twinge on love my Ezee-sub gourmet meat products, I still did not stop consuming sandwich meat. I'm hardcore about sandwiches.

I have ENORMOUS guilt that Boy #1 consumed soy formula (will he need a man-bra someday?) and the other kid used Avent bottles for the first year of his life. Bad mummy. BAAAAAAAAD mummy.

11:47 a.m.  
Anonymous cheesefairy said...

The energy and money necessary to make The Right Choice all the time is a luxury that most parents either don't have or don't prioritize. See also: daycare conundrum.(conundrie?)

Yes, we are breaking ourselves even as (and because) we create more of ourselves to break...better off to not have these confounded children just to destroy them but I suspect generations before us have thought the same thing. Also, damn the biological imperative.

5:33 p.m.  
Blogger NotSoSage said...

Oy. I don't know. Sometimes I think it's just a way of taking our minds off the larger and more detrimental threats that we don't have any control over...with a hefty dose of passing the responsbility off on the consumer. I feel that way about environmentalism some days, too...I fully believe in everyone doing their part, but while we're all doing our part at home, why aren't the companies doing their part at work?

I appreciate them taking the trans fats out of every packaged cookie on the planet, but howzabout checking the safety of the synthetic gelling agent that replaces it?

Ya know?

Someone suggested the other day on the radio that having wireless internet in your home may harm children under 8. But if it's not in my home, it's in my neighbours and every business I go into and damned if I'm going to give up my wireless, right? Oh I'll regret these words if I have to eat them when shes 23. They're very bulky. But who knows? How can anyone ever be sure?

3:33 p.m.  
Blogger Mad said...

flouride drops, Avent bottles, Chinese chocolate, microwaved plastic ...

I am a toxic mama.

I don't know the answers when it comes to surviving the toxins or the fear mongering. I try to ease my tired mind by using more mason jars.

"Wide Mouth Mason" is the new maxim I am screaming into the void.

9:09 a.m.  

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