Saturday, December 31, 2005

Be it further resolved...

Be it further resolved that in 2006 we will read more blogs. Hey, we hardly got going until November for our '05 count. This resolution might actually be achievable.

It has been very gratifying for the mo-wo team to show up on blog-rolls on some really class sites we love in the last few weeks. We are looking at our very modest "May we recommend" list and we will see if we can actually produce something representative, yet still realistic. Something overstated, yet reserved. We understand there is some annual audit and pop quiz on blog contents every August. Is that true? Seems important to keep a close eye on you people.

In preparation we submit today the following report of the blogs we read and something on why we read them. Two notes. 1.) These are NOT in any order whatsoever. Honestly, I took out my old classification textbooks to employ an algorithm of filing that is COMPLETELY random. 2.) This list is not comprehensive.

Pretty much this was the gateway blog. It is attractive and informative. It gives any mo-wo a vital insight into the evolution of the weird animal known as the modern North American dad. The blog roll here is really serious and was the initial link to many other of the current faves. Targeted at the consumer.

When I developed my fleeting interest in spying on modern dads in their natural environment of course I got hooked on Sweetjuniper! I even overlooked my longstanding hatred of the exclamation point to become a serious disciple of this blog because... Have you seen this kid??? She is soooooo darling. Many know that the compelling dialogue the tag team of Dee and Dub provide.

.. Plus this was the first place I ever posted a comment, had to do with some citation practice I was worried about. Sometimes librarians get a sense that a bit of research is awry and we just have to speak up... Yes, we are a lot more like Spiderman than you think....Anyway it is impossible for us to stay silent when the senses are tingling so I opened up my big yap and was officially off the lurkers list. Dee gave a pretty comprehensive response so from then on I have simply read regularly because I am really polite.

Oh yes AND because this guy makes the p-man completely crazy most of the time.

Morphing into Mama
It is right there in the why I blog, blog, blog page, people. MIM so succinctly notes that children are individuals we come to know. I simply cannot get enough contact with people who procreate AND grasp this concept. It is common to be knee deep in parents at any kid event who talk about their offspring as empty vessels they are busting their butts to fill with baby einsteinery and pure foods. Pick any post and read this mom... you can't help but agree this is simply the best mommy blog out there, except for all the others that are also good.

We have no comment on the ass photo.. somethings are just too easy. We're not saying that about the ass, just the... never mind.

Sarcastic Journalist
This blog name begins with 'S' and as indicated in an earlier entry blogs that begin with 'S' are REALLY GOOD! Our blog does not begin with 'S'. SJ is really sarcastic, too, which is important. Being true to our membership in the roadrunner/bugsbunny-generation sarcasm is our reason to live. Oh, and she told me how to blog. Plus I often think she is the secret fourth sister of my really really best friend who though she is not on the really at all yet internet is still really cool.

Finally, this woman is going to attempt two-under-two about 6 months ahead of us. We would be idiots not to keep tabs on her when it is so easy.

Oh my god, the name the name! We might add that Frau-Frau has some personal and lifestyle traits that are similar to some dear ones we have who should get off their rear-ends and blog. Its like a holiday everyday, catching up with cousin X or X-university pal Y... Except you do it all on your own schedule and there are no hostess gifts.

What is a hostess gift anyway?

Please see the referenced PhD thesis defense. Or don't

Because this guy makes the p-man smirk a lot. I don't want the man to get too many more frownlines. That and have you read these posts? Smart, eclectic, nice graphics... We can't even bring ourselves to resent that this guy who still gets to drink single malts.

The baby, the style, the tagline, and the content. Sometimes short and pithy.. oft times longer and agonizingly, sidesplittingly funny. Hate to miss a day.

It was here that we learned to not build our blog with typepad.

The Homesick Home Blog
L. is too smart -- don't you know? Early on she piqued my interest when she stood up for mom's being individuals. Right when I really started struggling with the dynamics of work and childrearing here was this clever lady to hear out on the topic.. and one telling the one-size-fits-all freaks to shut it. Since then she's been sending me into my impression of a bobble-head doll basked in the glow of my laptop pretty much nightly. And, she's really nice, too, eh.

Andrea in Japan
The porn! The porn! I work for a school district and we -- of course -- like to maintain a really high functioning filter for the benefit of the tender little children... er, or their parents, kind of hard to tell. On my first visit from my workstation I rec'd the following message:
"You have tried to access a web page which is filtered by it's content.
Category: Pornography
To have the rating of this web page re-evaluated please contact the Helpdesk."

We are destined to love this blog as soon as we find the smut.

Laid Off Dad
This appears to be a misnomer at present. Another sharp cookie able to distill his days as a parent into humorous posts. Not above toilet humour. This is essential for p-man.

Then there is blog A and blog B; last week I really developed a dedication to this great blog... So much to see out there. Oh, you know we were just going over the fact the other day that this experience is a bit like being at a really big, great cocktail party. You just know you are going to go home knowing you missed a chat with someone excellent! Looks like 2006 will be a busy year. Fresh press on the black dress there p-man...


Blogger Andrea said...

you are joking about the porn i hope? one of my friends had that problem as well. really there is nothing but kids and me, and ya the hubby.

12:31 a.m.  
Anonymous MIM said...

So, there really isn't any porn on Andrea's blog, huh? Darn. I was heading there next. But I'll give it a looksie anyway. Sigh.

Thanks for the very nice descriptions, mo-wo, for me and my favorite bloggers. Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites, too.

And thanks for not commenting on my ass. I think.

12:48 p.m.  
Blogger mo-wo said...

you know I think the porn is there she's just not telling us... Come on Andrea. give us the secret password, pretty please.

1:21 p.m.  
Blogger Andrea said...

hehe never! IT is a site only for hub and me to ummmmmmmmmm

4:47 p.m.  
Blogger L. said...

I am NOT NICE! I just did a post about BIG BOOBS, for chrissake! I make jokes about MIM`s thong! Damn, now no one`s going to read my blog. They`ll all beat a path to Andrea`s for the porn.

6:42 p.m.  
Anonymous MIM said...


L, you ARE so NICE. Despite the jokes about my thong.


9:54 a.m.  

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