Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wassup? My kind of Sleepover.

Good gracious where did the week go?

I guess with my husband out of town for 3 days I really don't know my ass from elbow but at least that's over.

Seems it was one of those weeks. A week for blog reading and not so much for posting. Not that my comments would show it. For the record... I was incensed this week by the lunacy of L.'s blog plight. Thank god there was a resolution. Tonight I enjoyed reading the tour de force mal maman et famille delivered in Montreal. My contractor is dropping by in a little while; he's from Montreal. And, the sock monkey hats? I think those are available at the Front here in Vancouver, in parent and offspring sizes. Did HBM have an option for sock monkey head and pass it up? hmmm? Speaking of busy heads wasn't it this week that Shutter Sisters got going? Impressive. This was the week Miss M. turned three and tanked her anonymity. Plus Crew Cheeky returned from Antigua, so our readers list has nearly tripled! Finally, anybody know what the Sweet Juniper stats are running at? I think I clicked about 44 times this week to see if the offshoot has sprung yet. Just remember Family J. twice the children = half the blog. Even Liz says so.

I hope I can post again in the next few days. Maybe about my job search angst.. my resolute examination of what I mean when I say Mother-Woman ... or maybe my new career as an etsy consultant. More likely about my complaint letter to the City of Vancouver Engineering department's recycling division, maybe my call for your advice on how to hire a babysitter.. P-man might even have some words this week on his terrific Toronto freeze your schmeebs red riding hood tour? We'll see.

About all I have for original content tonight is my daughter's latest and greatest from her brand of swank sweetness rip-offs of her Dad.
"My Mommy is doo-ing [sic] me crazy!!!"

ps... does anyone even remember Blogging Baby anymore?



Blogger Lumpyheadsmom said...

Co-parent out of town for three days = suckage. I feel you.

Why is it so hard? So exhausting?

How do people raise children without a partner?

6:30 a.m.  
Blogger Mad Hatter said...

Actually, I've done that before. Shown her name in a picture. I leave the pic up for a day or two for the regulars and then pull it down. I'm still flying below the search engine radar.

7:35 p.m.  
Blogger L. said...

I remember Blogging Baby!

They're kind of like the BeeGees of the blog world. They had their moment, we all had our time dancing under the spinning disco ball, and now all we have are the memories and photos of us dressed in embarrassing outfits.

8:08 p.m.  

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