Monday, July 28, 2008

Morose the Pity

I look forward to working harder tonight on my announcement for flailing mothers of TWO very young children that somewhere around four years it levels out. It's true! the end is near exists.

Til then I have to say a word about the new phase more than the old phase. It is truly over for me. I have in this past week fully realized that I have no more bodily excuses for flabbiness or even fatigue. I was underslept today and that was 100% my fault. I have to open doors for myself. If I am extra hungry too bad.

Sniff. Independence lost. Is independence on hold. Is independence resented.



Blogger kittenpie said...

It gets better at four? Well, mostly, yes, but suddenly they start trying out new trying things and emulating some appalling behaviours they see in others and tiny things become big dramatic moments for no apparent reason, and OMG this past week has been hell so it's not perfection, but yes, I suppose I'd take it over this time a year ago... Gah. I have to assume it gets easier at some point, too.

But in aid of actually helping those moms of youngsters? The trying times grow farther between, there is more reasoning to be done, more understanding of cause and result, and the sweet moments? Are so, so sweet.

1:32 p.m.  

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