Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nonlinear Babies Shower: The Day the Babies Crawled Away

The finest blogger on the subject of picture books has to be the Mad Hatter. She has more than earned those stripes. When it comes to a present for the Nonlinear Ones there is something I learned from Mad I wanted to share. It is not just the book itself but also the place of the poignant, prescient picture book post. I have said before:
I want to write about all the people who have given us books. The feeling it gives me to be with the books and my children. It always seems to me like about five hundred souls are all crowded in a little child's room filling it with love and thought. Authors, illustrators and the gift-givers piled high enough to fill the room.
That's what I want for you Nonlinear Girl as these days come with the babies. A literary dogpile of all of us who look and read your dear, wise, giving stories, a little something to give back. You are a special girl and mama too. It has been a bit getting here and so much ahead, showers of happiness upon you all. As you can imagine for me it is always tough to single out certain books. Allow me to share with you the result of my torture. Here goes...

For my recommendation I insist you get a copy of The Day the Babies Crawled Away -- if I haven't already foisted one upon you. This book is many things. It is a loving tale of a mother in conversation with a curious and intelligent child that makes me think of Ada at times, gotta love a link even when it's old fashioned. It is a fine poetic text with superb image value and direction just like you NLG! It is a book of community -- something you ooze out through the blog from your communities virtual and concrete. The aforementioned oozing really defies blogging logic, I challenge any of us to demonstrate how clearly we love our local, physical communities they way you share yours with us, Nora.

This book is at its heart an adventure which more than seems a fit. But, yeah, there are lots of babies so maybe the multiples thing is my impetus for the choice? I mean I just as easily could have picked Little Rabbit's New Baby or the best book ever, Flotsam.

My knowing of this book comes to us thanks to a distant an unexpected trust in a lucky find of a blogger-mother. Someone I have come to adore and rely upon in some small way. I know from those days of second pregnancy and the babyhood after I needed those connections their intimacy and their distance. I wanted to bundle a reminder that when everything else is going crazy you can still have so and so to click at in England or on the East Coast or downtown from you. And, we will still click at you. IRL support is fantastic and though I have not said it till now, I will tonight, the online fills another need, different and important. My shower gift is a little a push on that and a lot of reflection on your thoughtful exchanges with us all this while. Nora you are one of the most generous bloggers I know. Thank you.

And, when -- or if -- you get that more children less blog feeling: we know. Go with the mama flow. Congratulations and good luck with your babies our hearts are filled with gladness for you all.

"You are our hero. Have some pies!"

From - The Day the Babies Crawled Away
by Peggy Rathmann

Want to write a post like this? Here's the deal.

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Blogger Mad said...

What a wonderful post, Mo-Wo. Both about the book and the significance of our online communities.

Now I will put my thinking cap on...

8:21 a.m.  
Blogger Magpie said...

And I haven't gotten to it yet and the babies are here! But I will, somehow.

6:52 p.m.  
Blogger Bon said...

this is lovely. i just posted at Slouchy's that i'm always amazed by these book posts, as i think myself literate yet apparently know nothing about kid lit, so many fabulous books there are that i've never even tasted. erm, read.

but yes, all those we love, i know who gave them to us.

i don't know non-linear girl, though clearly she runs in fine circles and i should just go over and say hi. i'd like to tell her we've been reading The Terrible Horrible Smelly Pirate these days, over and's a Nova Scotia book and very charming. :)

9:31 a.m.  
Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...

Always love your book reco's...

My online community has been great for all things mommyhood.

What would I do without you all!

Congrats NLG!

10:37 a.m.  

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