Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Ace of Spades

My life, hmm. What a boring subject. I am contemplating how it came to pass that Mo and I may require a written schedule to arrange for standard bodily functions. Man oh man.

Speaking of scheduling craps, what's up with the crap on tv lately? As I type this I am watching Shark. This show stinks. I miss Smith, but it sucked too. These fucking shows are so trite when they work to be serious, or attempt to detail relationship moments. Shark is having some kind of heart-to-heart with his adolescent daughter. Every emotional moment is as subtle as a colonoscopy without anasthetic is likely to be discomfiting. It's all filler for the money shot, which itself is a tired old dog: the killer cross exam, the verdict, the heist... lameness. Bring back Da Vinci's Inquest, or put Intelligence on at a time more suited to my schedule.

Don't even get me started on the hokum that is Studio 60. I swear, between the feel-good little vignettes wherein white upper-middleclass tv people show their respect for visible minorities, or show their respect for their elders, or for puffins, and the wretched, nay, horrific strains of some hyperactive string section which are imposed on every important moment, or which leak into a scene like a Crohn's symphony to tell you something important is about to happen, PAY ATTENTION! and this is Sorkin, so EVERYTHING is IMPORTANT!

My apologies to MD who posted on tv love recently. Ok, so you like House, inter alia. Not that I have an opinion... but these shows suck. My goodness- the exploratory surgery/MRI/lab testing/lying down with tubes inserted is leading to an adverse and potentially fatal reaction in the patient! I never saw that coming. I should really invest in an improved tv platform but that's just what they want us to do, the fuckers.

I was carrying our male child about the house this evening when it occurred to me: he is fucking heavy! And: my biceps are awesome!

He has a cold right now. When he sets about to voice any form of displeasure he sounds like a cross between a cute little baby and the man shown below.

P-man out.

NB: "This evening" means "Thursday night". Any references to something happening contemporaneous with posting are purely coincidental.


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