Sunday, February 18, 2007


It is increasingly difficult to remain peevish, or at least present as such, in the face of a: cute children, and b: actual problems in the actual world. It's a good thing I come from strong whiny stock - otherwise I'd quit, and then where would you be, internut? Yeah, I thought so.

Three things, all said, all annoying and in no particular order.

1. I listen to the CBC on the way to work. There's the morning guy who is a vacuous sounding radio person but, in person, is really quite pleasant. And tall. It is said you lose 6 inches on the radio. Home of the brave. This is talk radio. All talk. Chit Chat. Dialogue. Elephant talk.

Civic and provincial politics are, of course, a big deal for programmers who need to make a big deal about the methane in flea farts in an effort to fill air. I can usually tolerate the silliness of "aggressive" questioning and "thoughtful" replies from our "diligent" press and "concerned" elected officials (or, in some jurisdictions, "concerned" "elected" etc.). That said, if I have to endure another civic blowhard looking out for the "citizens of Vancouver" or some provincial blowjob identifying the subtle ways he is caring for citizens of this province I'll... I'll... nevermind. For the record, you assheads, neither this city nor this province can grant citizenship. (I think.)

2. Other talking heads, like closet engineers, floral engineers, underpants seam managers and the like will often stress the importance of organization. In order for your underpants folding weekend to go as planned you should pre-order your "Gonch Starch" right away. Don't wait! Pre-order it now! Or maybe you could, I don't know, fucking order it. You know, ORDER IT? Ahead of time? Maybe once your pre-order arrives, you can pre-purchase it. You will likely have an option to pre-pay. Pre-plan now!

3. I was at the local produce/medication/frozen waffle emporium earlier when I heard an announcement regarding "people who suffer from diabetes of all ages." I have heard of juvenile diabetes. What other age groups of diabetes are there? People of all ages need to know.

Saying a big hello to the citizens of British Columbia,


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Blogger nonlineargirl said...

I knew a man with a wooden leg named smith.

Really, what was the name of the other leg?

11:26 a.m.  

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