Wednesday, April 11, 2007

P-man Book Report

Mo said: Write a book review.

I replied: After our son was born, and prior to our move to larger premises, he slept in our room. As I had been accustomed to ending my day in bed with five latex-clad dwarves and a tub of... a good book, I love a good book, more than I could ever love a quincunx of midgets, tripe, and a brace of spatulas... where was I... with the kid in our room, it became impossible to read in bed. I know I could have changed my habit, to read on the couch, but something was always on.

Since our move, three weeks ago, I have again been able to read in bed, to enjoy hot dwarves, and fine literature. I have begun to devour books like hot tripe from the scapulae of five diminutive yet lusty... Hence this review of the novel pictured above.

I replied further: I can read books, but I have no idea how to review them. I prefer to rely on the opinions of others in these matters. But I continue to digress. Here we go. The book review. Without further ado. Any second.

"Amsterdam" is a book. It was written by Ian McEwan. Apparently. I did not see him write it. He's taken all the credit, which has been ample. Some have said he takes too much credit. He is not my favourite author. While his books are written very well the stories are usually grim. Where is the happy, Ian?

Mr. McEwan is not the only Ian who writes books. There are others.

This novel is a Booker Prize winner. For those of you who don't know (sniff) the Booker Prize is a literary award given each year to the best booker. Mr. McEwan was the best booker in 1998. (I know, I don't get out enough.) I can't believe people need me to tell them these things! This is a big award.

I expected this novel to be the basis of one of my favourite movies but I was sorely disappointed. This book was not, as hoped, a study of a deformed serial killer on the loose in Amsterdam, but a study of hubris as illustrated through two successful middle-aged Englishmen whose friendship is tested by events. The friendship fails as do the subjects. It is likely too obvious to note the tale is expertly rendered, the characters fully drawn, the narrative trajectory horrifying and beautiful to watch. So I won't mention those things. Forget it. I won't even recommend you purchase the book although I suppose I can, after all, since this is my book review. Never mind, I will leave that to someone who can offer a not-inaccurate precis of the book.

So, Amsterdam, it's a book. A good one.

I then suggested Mo write a book review of a novel, as opposed to a kid's book or child-wrangling guide.

Said Mo: Are you suggesting I have time to laze about and read books?

P-man out.

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Blogger mo-wo said...

Oh honey... I am so glad you can be the surrogate reader. We should add that this is the book I put on the nightstand in all the real estate photos as well as for the open house. I am sure it cashed us an extra couple $$$$$.

And Nrig, Rkirk, Thal and Torrol all left voicemail... they have playoff tickets so you'll be out of luck for a couple weeks.

10:49 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I'd read this - and so I have. Didn't find it as you did, however.

12:24 a.m.  
Blogger N. said...

So does this book end with the narrator confessing that the previous 200 pages were just the fantasies of a guilt ridden ol' bat and hence should be disregarded AS COMPLETE NONSENSE AND MANIPULATIVE SHITE??! Because if the answer is yes than I shan't be reading this book. Fool me once Ian McEwan, shame on me. Fool me twice and you shall rue the day!

10:00 p.m.  
Blogger Kara said...

P-Man, please, please, please join our book club. We have swings and latex, but, regrettably, no dwarves. I pushed hard for them, but the SOME of the members wouldn't allow them into the charter (okay, I wasn't going to name names, but it was Mrs. Chicky- there, I said it). Not surprisingly, Goon Squad Sarah insisted on everyone being naked while we type reviews. I have to admit, I only half follow that rule. Our dining room chairs, from which I type, are upholstered in leather and, well, you know it gets kind of sticky after a while.

We're reading Special Topics in Calamity Physics now. I'd love it if you joined, together we could overthrow the anti-dwarf lobby and take over.

5:54 a.m.  

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