Sunday, April 01, 2007

Carry On

I carry my son a lot. No, this isn't about cling (though I know, I know, I know!! that's another post). This is about the act of carrying my Mr. Little Big Guy around.

My son is a big pain because he grows out of everything so fast. He grew out of newborn diapers in approximately 2 hours. The infant carrier in barely three months. The swing? could I ever really use that? Don't get me started on my war with the friggin' Ergo (curse those Junipers for making it sound so easy, that was my last official sucked in' by some object d'art baby junk sellin' blogger).

So instead I carry him. It turns out I like to carry my baby. Nice to see his face on a trip to the park or hold him close to me for a cat nap. I think back on how many places I went with his sister in the freakin' infant carrier or the stroller; pissing us both off. Why? Why? Why? In retrospect I recognize how programmed I was to interface with my kid through consumer goods for children. It was always like I needed some sort of conduit product to take care of them instead of me. A Baby Bjorn or some swing, the right stroller... that's why I now prefer to meditate over the real alternate parenting paradigm out there.. the one outside this North American experience.

I like it better that way.



Blogger kittenpie said...

I didn't use the Bjorn a whole lot either, though there were one or two times when I was really glad to have it, notably one blizzardy night with misterpie away when I really neededmilk, so she got tucked in the Bjorn with my coat wrapped around her and my chin on her head...

But the swing was my saviour, letting me sit in front of her and talk/sing to her hands free for the pumping.

And now? I carry her around a fair bit, but sh'es getting heavy for it. I'll miss it when I come to the point that I just can't anymore.

12:07 p.m.  

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