Friday, March 30, 2007

Bill of Lading

So, as promised, here is the follow up on Wo family efficiencies, from yesterday...The dull reality of taking care of kids and home first and peeing my pants; just a little.

In addition to this list note that my post lunch snack was the yam I licked off my son's head at the wrap up to his lunch... because mothers really do eat like goats. Check out that link for sure L. is so frickin' funny!

Here's how it went
1. Prioritize groceries to unload mentally while preparing Infant Lunch
2. Prepare turkey roast as meat handling and baby handling do not mix **
3. Boil kettle for coffee
4. Put away priority 1 groceries
5. Heat pan with fajita
6. Coffee
7. Put away priority 2 groceries while on phone with Granny and drink coffee
8. Pee -- Always!

Baby wakes up. I unload the dishwasher while giving him lunch and making his sister's dinner from the leftover rice, deli meat and cheese stuff in the fridge. Followed up with a quick prep of dinner veggies. I even got a jump on my housecleaning for tomorrow while he cruised the furniture. This new house has a built in vacuum with the cutest knitted hose cover you have ever seen! He loves to chase it around the room.

Mad, got it right that I do like to boast multitasking. P-man is the ultimate unitasker, he'll watch the water drain through the coffee filter and it makes me crazy!

And the sock question... nice one Mimi! you sort of gave yourself away with the inclusion of Bringing up Baby on your favorite movies list. Ha TARGET!

Famous quote from the movie Desk Set...

Bunny Watson: I don't smoke, I only drink champagne when I'm lucky enough to get it, my hair is naturally natural, I live alone... and so do you.
Richard Sumner: How do you know that?
Bunny Watson: Because you're wearing one brown sock and one black sock.

** when my daughter was an infant I was known to make meat loaf using gloves... I was that anal back then.. but tell me have I really improved?


Blogger mo-wo said...

CC I wish I could have done pizza but that's on the menu for tonight! and, Chinese was of course Wed

11:20 a.m.  
Blogger Granny said...

I have always made meat loaf by letting a kid do the mixing. It's similar to mud pies and they love it.

I told L. my husband is the goat in our family. The kids don't even ask; just hand him the one bite of potato or the 3 lonesome peas.

3:46 p.m.  

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