Friday, April 04, 2008

Conspicuous Consumption

I ran screaming from a mall this week. Count me as one who simply cannot cope with the environs. I have a sincere sense of being ripped off just being there. Everywhere a scam. Look out behind you! There is some ridiculous overly-expensive duplication of a near-duplication of a knock off you will pay full price for. I don't really have an eye for quality after so many years in thrift stores.

Remember, too, that we, of course, are blessed with one of each. So blimey the expense. I look ahead and feel it will do me in to navigate all the product that we say we need to get to the actual items we do need. I dunno, size 10 flip-flops for 9 dollars. Is that a good deal? Do I need that?

Bear in mind that this is the woman who will (God willing) wrap up a six month renovation of three bathrooms and a kitchen this coming week. Exactly, how much did that cost, eh?
I believe I spent a good part of Thursday playing Design, Inc. out looking for that perfect pendant light. Did you know that pendant lights cost between $60 and $800? My profound design fatigue had me settle on this striking beauty.

Yeah I know. White. Plainest plain white you ever did see. We might do some fingerpainting with it or something.

Times like these I do think I hate my life. The banal dilemmas. The petty wayfinding. Come please, poverty. Purify me. You will likely hear about it. Dumping the dual in dual income breeds a lot of home cooked chick peas, thick sweater wearing and turned down thermostats. I can't wait. Envision my fingers turning blue as I rinse every dish in cold water only. Will the righteousness warm the cockles of my heart? Or are we just cocksmokers?

ps. I do promise to someday post some pics of our lovely refreshed, chic dwelling. That is if i can ever finish my argument with the overfull startup disk on the machine at which I run my archive iPhoto.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:55 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mall is what makes me grateful for on line shopping. Because sometimes I just want to a make a choice and be done with it.

My parents just built a house and the number of decisions they had to make was AMAZING. And mind numbing. It makes me quite happy to sit here with the status quo of our slightly run down house.

11:20 p.m.  
Blogger kittenpie said...

You know, sometimes simple is best, anyhow. You can always put awesome art on the walls and get funky dishtowels, right? Those are the personal touches that make it home, anyhow. And I say this as the daughter of two architects who is doing some renos of her own.

5:17 p.m.  
Anonymous cheesefairy said...

$9 is too much for flip flops.

iPhoto eats my poor computer's brain on a daily basis.

I like the lamp.

8:33 p.m.  
Blogger Mad said...

We're redoing our kitchen later this year. I thought choosing materials would be hell and result in much marital tension. As it turns out, Mad Dad and I decided on floor, counter top, cabinets and tile for the back-splash in under 5 minutes the other day. Whoot.

11:08 a.m.  
Anonymous pendant lights said...

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