Wednesday, January 12, 2011


What you might not know is that when I started this blog it was a lot about my husband. Not directly. More about a lure to the writer he is... incidentally the dad in here. (More important backstory...)

I do huddle to the men on my digital, and internal, blogroll. Their mindful lives written. I think the best part of being a mother might be the dads! Since I am so committed to the gender inclusion when it comes to this media I was pretty attracted to the man focus in #thehomeproject. A project to invite anyone to speak weekly to the muse they make a home with... The task at hand a photo a week to show what we see. You know something like this:

But instead I went with Dadzilla from our recent polar bear swim:
okay @bonstewart let's go coast to coast on #thehomeproj... on Twitpic

ps.. Are we a media? Are we a channel?

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