Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nonlinear Babies' Shower Book Reports

Very soon our dear Nonlinear One will be eyeballs to eyeballs to eyeballs with BABIES! Time for a celebration!!!

As a librarian I was blessed with two book showers for my babies and that's what I propose for NLG and family. I've heard reports she has enough socks. So if you are a friend of Nonlinear Girl (or if you want to be and my oh my don't ya?) here's the virtual baby shower plan.

Let's write NLG a booklist. For those of you with second (and third, and fourth) children I think you might agree with me that in those in early days it's crucial to have great stack of books to look through while you -- and the new big sibling -- deal with all those feeds and all that getting to know stuff.

To give it a bit of a challenge I have some rules, feel free encouraged to break them. Please post something about a book, a book you do, or don't, recommend; a story that says something special for you about the early days with infants or nascent big sibs; or, any and all other manner of message you might want to make to the Nonlinear family we all know and love so much.

1. Make it a picture book. I think there is a need to emphasize the visual with an image-impeccable specimen like NLG; I will be posting on my choice, The Day the Babies Crawled Away, in a couple days.
2. Books can be on any theme although books that are about boys and girls or big sisters or new babies or HATS!! might be especially fun to track
3. Send me an email at motherwoman04 AT yahoo.ca by May 25th and I will post all the links for Nora's easy reading. Let's face it, at this point the little ones are makin' her tired all over.
4. Post the button on your own blog and link back in the post so we may effortlessly enact the more the merrier model.

When we're done we will have some lovely suggestions for trips to the library and at least one new book too. Knowing the Nonlinear Family is a fan of Powell's Books in Portland I think their inventory of extra-special books will help me supply a book drawn from among the titles posted.

And, an extra prize for the first poster to guess my 'tired all over' reference. (p-man is NOT eligible for that one.)

The Posts are coming in:

mama without instructions' Books for Babies
the host post The day the babies crawled away
the cheesefairy Babies for Nonlinear Girl
sarah got twins?
Slouching Mom Favorite
Mayberry Mom Gruffalo Twins
MadHatter Pure Poetry

... and we're getting lots of nice suggestions in the comments here too. Thanks everyone I think we are all excited about the 2! 2! who came in month 5! to make The Nonlinear quantity a new and exciting Prime number. And, I 'm just really hopeful this is going to lead to actual post from Nonlinear Papa. No pressure.

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Blogger Lumpyheadsmom said...

Oh, I'm so bad at this (and so intimidated trying to recommend a book to/through a librarian).

My kids all loved and still love the Ellwand "Beautiful Babies" board book.

8:40 a.m.  
Blogger nonlineargirl said...

What a good friend/book advocate you are. (Thanks!)

12:41 p.m.  
Blogger mama without instructions said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:04 p.m.  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I'll have to go to work to get my list (which would be the list of mathy children's books).

8:58 a.m.  
Blogger S said...

the slouching family's favorite picture books:

mary ann hoberman's the seven silly eaters

bill peet's the caboose who got loose

ogden nash's the tale of custard the dragon

norton juster's the hello-goodbye window

so excited for nora! thanks for doing this, mo-wo.

7:02 a.m.  
Blogger S said...

will try to get these up in post format soon.

7:26 a.m.  
Blogger Justin Matott said...

When I Was A Boy... I Dreamed and When I Was A Girl... I Dreamed are two books that many people take to showers with a sharpie. The attendees then write his or her dream for the child. The illustrations are outstanding and there is a tiny mouse named Squeakers hiding on each page of both books. Now a bit of a disclaimer. I wrote them, but they were both nominated across the state of Colorado for the Colorado Book of the year in 07 and 08 respectively, so let the children of Colorado speak for them. I'm out!

7:30 a.m.  
Blogger mo-wo said...


I know I gave a spreadsheet to Chris at some point, containing a 2-page list
of mathematical kid's books. I'm positive I did this, and also positive that
it's SOMEWHERE in his office, hiding. But since I know Nora digs the math
jokes, I'm going to type in a few below for you to add to the list. I think
this is SUCH a good idea. Plus, Chris knows where he can come to get the
list should the need arise. Plus plus, I can give him the curriculum
associated with each book, because hey, it's never too early to reinforce
the math with the kids. :)

1,2,3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle
512 Ants on Sullivan Street by Carol A Lois
The Dot and the Line by Norton Juster
A Dozen Dogs by Harriet Ziefert
The Icky Bug Counting Book by Jerry Pallotta
Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar by M. Anno

9:58 a.m.  
Anonymous Els Kushner said...

Hi--you don't know me from a hole in the wall, but I'm a cheesefairy reader and her Babies post led me here.

Such a cool idea! Do you think it would be okay if I listed/discussed a few baby books and linked back here from my Librarian Mom blog? I hear the babies are coming soon, so maybe it's too late to post?

9:02 a.m.  
Blogger S said...

I've posted:


8:40 a.m.  
Blogger Mad said...

A day late and a dollar short:


7:39 p.m.  
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