Saturday, May 06, 2006


Is how I feel. I have had a file go sideways recently and am now wondering if my insurer takes claims on weekends. I hate to suffer alone. Being completely unskilled in any useful endeavour I don't have much of a fallback career. But I dramatize- one of my partners said: I don't think you need to call your insurer... yet. What a relief!

Mo has likely mentioned that E is a pretty easy child in many respects, except when it comes to eating, where she is less easy, and daddy melts down. Sometimes I am filled with, hm, apprehension when I am the mealparent. Today I was the lunchparent and lunch was, inter alia, buckwheat soba. This post is dedicated to the inventor of buckwheat soba. Why we do not feed these yummy things to E all the time is unknown to me. O lovely buckwheat, cousin of ruby-legged rhubarb, I sing your name!

The end.


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