Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Massive Election

Forgive me if I don't comment on the intense hatefest that has been the midterm campaign (or, campaigns, all of them). I query the absence of comment on this festival of mockery, scandal, and meth smoking fundamentalist pastors on the mom'n'pop blogs I review. Maybe I just skipped over the posts dealing with this spiritually-enlivening process... yeah, that's it.

All the best to the concerned citizens of the US who today have the opportunity to select the lesser of two evils (over and over, by the sound of it, the ballots being each 100 metres in length), or, in some states, the Kinkster, or this scurvy dog. Avast and belay!


(This post is, in no way, meant to suggest we have it any better here. We haven't. Elections here are intensely dull, although the tone of things is worsening... so there's hope! Plus there are no pirates in parliament or our senate. Scurvy dogs, maybe, peg boys, perhaps. But no pirates. Aaarrr.)


Blogger Granny said...

My absentee ballot included a printed form explaining that it would take two stamps instead of one to mail it. Two legal size sheets, printed on both sides.

I walked all three of ours into the polling place. I think CA may the worst of the states for length and confusion of the ballot.

10:46 p.m.  

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