Monday, April 14, 2008

52 reasons

Two years ago when I was SURPrISE pregnant and childcareless and job-share becoming job-partner-annulment I became Mother Woman.

I started to blog.

I was reluctant to surrender to a life mothering. I had a laundry list of reasons why it was not for me. I was for one thing, a very adult-oriented person. I didn't fit the mould mother-woman.

There were other reasons too. Last week I said their were 52 myths I had against staying at home. Starting tomorrow I will take advantage of you all to try digest those myths. Yes, witness the eating of words.

But before I list the reasons I wouldn't stay home, and why they were a myths, let me list why I would. Why I am? staying home.

1. No decent childcare
2. No strict financial imperatives
3. No energy
4. Vocational crisis
5. Curiosity about what it would mean to eschew the rat race for the egg and spoon race

And, let me take this moment to also promote the very interesting Mothers Voice project. It is a PhD research project that touches on my issues here. What about yours? Please see the link to participate in Mothers Voice, a blog-based Canadian mothering research project.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your line "to eschew the rat race for the egg and spoon race" made me laugh out loud.

I look forward to your list. Do any of your mythgs involve the idea that wearing a bra AND panties every day is a huge conspiracy created by Fruit of the Loom?

Have you heard back from the Mothers Voice project. I signed up, but haven't heard if I made the cut.

1:08 p.m.  
Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...

The Mothers Voice was full when I tried to sign..sniff. they involve being able to do crafts and bake?

Do they involve the fact that you do NOT lose all your brain cells?


10:53 a.m.  

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