Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rock Star

I have of late observed that the girl-child and her micro-pre-teenery is serving up a healthy interest in rock and roll. The Hannah Montana thing has come up and since we don't really know who Hannah Montana is her Dad and I are at a loss. Picture two blind-folded and aging beat-dorks flailing at a pinata formed as a Britney Spears effigy.

Right now if she says rock star... I say you don't even know what that means! Then I show her a real rock star.

But then it dawns, I'm just an aimless public radio geek and my stock of the posh Bowie and the Proclaimers isn't helping me. They got sick of all the Ch-ch-changin' rap I used to do over the Pampers. Never mind what I tell myself about the XTC.

I've tried with mixed success:

Though I love this it mostly stuns the under fives.

I am more than overdue with thanks to the Chicky family for pointing us towards this perennial favorite group.

We sit around the Plan toy drumkit and shake our pathetic asses to some Comfort Eagle only half to keep the teen beat at bay and the rest of the while to cobble together any semblance of self-esteem down the road for our chil'uns.

Hey, what can you tell us that will help teach 'rock star'?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are big fans of "They Might be Giants" at our house. We also enjoy REM's sesame street guest spot (Shiny Happy Monsters) and this takes our breath away...

7:09 a.m.  
Anonymous crunchy carpets said...

We play 'Guitar Hero' with our kids..classic rock..punky Japanese Girl characters with pink hair that my daughter adores..all so wrong.

3:38 p.m.  
Blogger cheesefairy said...

You gotta figure out what your kids like - Boy1 likes the melodies and a good beat so I play for him ELO, Sarah Harmer, the occasional Dead Milkmen. He also likes Yo La Tengo. (I blame his father for that as I find them neither melodic nor particularly rhythmic however..also he loves the beatles.)

Boy2, so far, has a stated preference for music that is sung by children. I anticipate he will be a Soundgarden fan like his momma but you never know.

Pop that doesn't kill your soul - try Pizzicato 5.

7:24 p.m.  
Blogger Mad said...

Surely, your kids listen to The New Pornographers?

11:45 a.m.  

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