Sunday, January 28, 2007


I'm not normally one to blow my own horn in terms of what I own or, as the case may be, am using while my creditors are focused on others but tonight I have to depart from the norm. I am busy trying to persuade you, the discerning reader, I am not so empty-headed as to believe I can convey to you the essence of my good taste by identifying Brand X as my liquor/coffee/plug in air freshener or that I may establish my impeccable consumer credentials and vast disposable income (as shown by my unflagging support for auto mechanics in greater Vancouver) as identified by my ownership of a German motor vehicle.

Allow me a preface of sorts. I am not comfortable discussing who I am in this forum. Mo will likely add "or in any" to that sentence if permitted. This blog is like Salome's dance. I wiggle along, trying to stay alive out on the interweb, desperate not to reveal all, to divulge too much. It is a delicate dance, all veiling and re-veiling. This would be far less discomfiting if I didn't have two left feet. "My Two Left Feet" starring me! Perhaps it is the widespread popularity this blog enjoys... I am reticent to share my innermost bits with such numbers. That must be it.

Perhaps not. It goes like this. I am pressed for time at the best of times. Vacuity pisses me off (I am often at odds with myself). Hallmarks of vacuity: name dropping, product placement, pandering paeans to kids, empty-headed support for those who post about their non-problems and solicit support from their readership and the bubbleheads who rise to it and post smarmy and codependent comments... there's probably something else... oh, people who act like they are better than all that. I hait that. (Wait a minute...)

So tonight I depart from my hitherto unannounced norm and identify to you, those among the 5% of people worldwide who owns a computer, amazing products which have astounded me for their quality. No, not quality. Quantity. Nope... descriptive qualities.

What's in a name? Who knows, I don't know. Sometimes a name evokes majesty. That's what I look for when seeking to purchase a device into which I can place small baby items prior to dishwashing. Mo found it: it's the Prince Lionheart Infant Dishwasher Basket: This is a tremendous product. It has conferred upon us a noble and brave dishwashing air to which we aspired.

I am what I eat: Yu-Meng Noodle. This excerpt from the package says it all. "The lustrous, bright, soft and nutrient noodles should be poured by cold water after it is recovered from water."

Mmm. I feel silky inside and out.

P-man out.


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