Sunday, January 14, 2007

Come Hear the Band

Before our son was born I had fears about not being quite 'up to' the duo parenting program. I, in fact, had long planned to be a parent of one. With debates about one and onlies, new take two blogger babies coming out and some already here

I think about it still and often... Are we doing ok? Are we holding the fort?

On a few occasions I have explained that it can be tough. Sometimes I feel like Mike Harris. It seems my role is all about cutbacks and downsizing. I look to find any area that can be rationalized milking every bit of independent play, introducing solid food from jars *gasp* at 6 months and as we know the tv. Yep, to my gagging chagrin I often parent like a fiscal conservative provides public service.

This week I really don't like it. I can't deny part of me wants my old life back. I want to turn off the tv and spend a morning making up pots of fresher food than we get these days. The pressure of time in my house is looney to say the least. This morning I had an opportunity to get up at the regular time with my daughter and leave p-man and baby dozing late. What a stupid thing to do! Losing 90 minutes is fatal to the time/space/poop-nap continuum. I was head badger again in the town of Bickerville. Yuck.

And, what has it done to the blog. Well don't get me started. Sigh.

All this navel gazing aside when the snow kept p-man late coming home and we needed some entertainment my girl declared "I will spin and A. will laugh". He did. Laughed his ass off.. all the while my heart swelling to fill her whole little bedroom. I guess neither depression, nor recession, can keep at bay the truth of... life is a cabaret. (like our new hug sidebar photo?)

Related reading: Bobel, Chris. The Paradox of Natural Mothering. Boston: Temple University Press, 2001.


Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...

go to

Ignore my tale of woe and click on the link there...

The Blue Dinosaur is a perfect definition of motherhood.

I can't imagine being alone all day with my kids.

I am so lucky that I can yell to dh for help.
That somedays I can just walk away...even for a brief moment.

11:22 a.m.  
Blogger Mad Hatter said...

"pots of fresher food" Oh how I crave pots of fresher food. And the freedom to eat in peace, to savour each mouthful.

I love the new side-bar pic.

11:34 a.m.  
Blogger Sandra said...

The new side bar pic is perfect. I think we all long for pots of fresher food mo-wo.

Big hugs to you.

1:11 p.m.  
Blogger kittenpie said...

Oh god, the state of my house is making me bonkers and I'm still at just one. What the hell might I get myself into with another?!? I already use Dora to buy myself dressing time one or two mornings a week. Sounds like you are doing okay to keep this together with two!

10:48 a.m.  
Blogger Lumpyheadsmom said...

I'm terrified by how much work 2 kids will be, but I'm even more terrified of how hard being away from 2 kids will be.

3:04 p.m.  
Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

It's the last bit of that post that makes me second guess my current decision to only have one kid. It can't be that hard forever... Can it?

5:19 p.m.  
Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...

Mrs. Chicky....that is my mantra.
I think if i can get past this stage (4 and 2) I will deserve a freaking medal and it can only bet better....right?? right????

10:04 p.m.  
Blogger nonlineargirl said...

This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. I worry about being overstretched and overwhelmed. I know lots of people do it, but can I? The first - darn cute, with her curls and raw dough eating ways - could be enough, is enough, but what if we want more?

6:26 p.m.  
Anonymous Caresse said...

Good words.

8:14 a.m.  

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